#3 // Reus → Werner Germany 1 – 0 Saudi Arabia


It’s a World Cup tune-up in Leverkusen, and three new names for the defending champions:

Kimmich to Reus to Werner.



Klose is gone. Schweinsteiger gone. Podolski, Lahm and Mertesacker gone.

A group of young replacements in their wake, ready as they always are.

The favorites, as they always seem to be.

Playing a team they haven’t seen since 2002, when Klose scored a hat trick in Sapporo, did his signature front flip and began his run toward 16 record-setting World Cup goals.



They only won 2-1 today, which leaves some room for concern.

But, it’s Germany. Germany is Germany.

We all know what that looks like. Zlatan himself said so, the other day:

“Germany is the Deutsche machine. With Germany, it’s not like you have a star. I think the team is the star, and that’s why they’re so strong.”

It makes fine sense, but I disagree. Because the man who made today’s assist is the star. Marco Reus is that star. But if the team is the star and Marco Reus is the star, that must mean Marco Reus is the team.

See below and tell me if that equation doesn’t add up.



It does.

They’re repeating. Count on it.