#6 // Eriksen → Poulsen Denmark 1 – 0 Peru


“Is this English?” you think, turning on FS1 in the second half.

BOOM goes the dynamite!” the commentator shouts, as Poulsen scores for Denmark. The thickest, weirdest Spanglish accent there is, as if Bumblebee Man crept his way up into the press box.



There’s a mixed reaction out there, for this Jorge Perez-Navarro.

Version 1:



Version 2:



And what his bizarre, half-understood ramblings got in the way of was Christian Eriksen. Denmark’s lone star. Tottenham midfielder. Rumored summer transfer target of Barcelona.

He’d been contained all game, as Peru controlled the field, until in this 59th minute he got a chance. The ball at his feet in movement, at midfield. A 3 v 3 in the attacking third. A touch, a second touch, a glance up, and a pass—through two Peru defenders and into the corner of the box.

Poulsen took a touch, bent his left leg back, and curled a shot past the keeper for a 1-0 lead they would hold all game.



Had things gone how they should’ve in the first half, this was the kind of result they probably never should’ve had. After Christian Cueva goofed on an all-timer botch penalty kick.

But watch the clip below, and just listen—to the strangest (best?) audio there is.



After today, Group C now looks like this:



Denmark plays again on Thursday.

Australia. In Samara. 8:00am ET.