#7 // Chicharito → Chucky Mexico 1 – 0 Germany


What do you do, seeing Mexico’s best ever World Cup win?

You watch that goal, watch it again, give Chicharito his props for the assist.

And then…

You pull up YouTube and watch the greatest musician of our time.

The Frank Sinatra of Mexico, “Don Cheto” (…. who you’ve just learned about today).



You drink tequila, wear a cowboy hat, and shout “Ayayayay!!” as this song plays at full volume.

Because, not that we root for them, but you think Mexico might just have had their greatest World Cup win. And you’re feeling it.

They beat Bulgaria 2-0 in the Round of 16, 1986. They beat France 2-0 in the group stage in 2010. In 2014, they beat Croatia 3-1 in the group stage.

But this? Beating Germany in the opening game?

A one-touch give and go from Chicharito, Hummels slipping onto the ground, and a 2 v 2 break that ends with Hirving “Chucky” Lozano slipping the ball under Neuer’s glove for a 1-0 lead, 35th minute.



They say Lozano got the nickname because, on youth teams, he hid under the bed to scare his teammates.

You get the feeling here he’s going to haunt Germany a long while—most definitely if that Defending Champs’ Curse takes over.



You watch that goal again, Chicharito threading a needle through a giant, wide-open gap in the Germany defense, and you start thinking in Spanish phrases you don’t ever understand.



With team USA out of the tournament, are you… rooting for Mexico?


But you might be rooting for Chucky.

And Chicharito.



The two best nicknames in soccer.