#10 // Moutinho → Ronaldo Portugal 1 – 0 Morocco


Today was a day with no real room for genius, no passwork, no one moment to remember. Only three goals on the day, across three games—sloppy soccer still hounding this World Cup.

But a day with Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch.

Making an assist-maker out of nothing.



Yet. Another. Goal. Four minutes into the game.

In a tournament where the Golden Boot competition looks to shaking out like:

“Own Goal” (5)  vs. Cristiano Ronaldo (4)

He won’t play for another five days or so, but the chase is on. If he gets to the quarter-final or beyond, he could have 8 by tournaments’ end. The all-time record is 13.



And let us not forget the reason we find ourselves here…

The cross, after a corner-kick short pass, from Joao Moutinho.



Because there’d be no Ronaldo goal without the assist.

And it wouldn’t be a Portugal win with a Portugal cross.

Look at their shirt.

It’s sitting right there.



There’s never been a better time to be an assist-man, than on this Portugal midfield.


They play again on Monday. Against Iran. 2:00 ET.