#12 // Costa → Neymar Brazil 2 – 0 Costa Rica


You feel bad, you really do.

When a guy named Costa just cost Costa Rica their tournament.



They lost their first game against Serbia. They kept things tied up all game today, after a stoppage time goal put Brazil up 1-0.

And then, minutes later, this.

Douglas Costa drawing the keeper off the line, three defenders chasing behind, and a quick ball knocked waist-height to Neymar for the easiest finish he’ll ever get.

2-0 Brazil, and Costa Rica is eliminated.



A result for Brazil today that all but ensures their trip into the knockout rounds. A team with all the cachet of soccer history, of Pele, of Ronaldinho, Zico, Romario, Rivaldo, Ronaldo—a team of playmakers and samba and joga bonito and…

The team that lost 7-1 to Germany. At home in Brazil, 2014.

Seven to one!

Unsure this year of how differently things will go.

Tied here today until stoppage time, and tying in the World Cup opener.

Lost, until the substitution that might make Brazil BRAZIL again.



If they end up making a run of this thing, they’ll need him.

And they didn’t used to. They already had a Costa.

But then that Costa became a Spaniard.



And they had to get themselves a new Costa.

Douglas Costa.

And, if only we could have Bob Costas read this aloud, well:

How much cost could a Costa cost if a Costa crossed Costa Rica?


^Unfunny joke above. Ignore.

But don’t ignore the below question.


Is Brazil back?

Kind of?