#13 // Reus → Kroos Germany 2 – 1 Sweden


You’ve seen the lofted chip from Pirlo, the Beckham cross, the world class through balls from Bergkamp.

But never this.

The toe tap assist. So delicate you might not be able to notice it.



This game was the most intense of the World Cup.

A rivalry with ancient origins.

The Swedes and their larger, more dominant neighbors to the south.

That great Germany side, who arrives every four years so adept that it’s almost comical, watching their opening-round games.

Except this time.

The loss to Mexico. Struggling to field a starting eleven that fits. Struggling on defense. With effort, with positioning. Lackluster play all around, and a nervous Thomas Muller yelling at the rest of the team. Down to ten men after Boateng’s red card. Tied, after losing in the first half. Into stoppage time now.

And then, suddenly, an entire country (world?) going like this:



Out of nowhere, drawing the luckiest free kick they could ever hope for, from Jimmy Durmaz who’s on as a late-game substitute for Sweden.

Setting up an assist that will go down in the history books.

A piece of soccer brilliance so smooth the ball didn’t even have to move.

The right foot of Marco Reus, creating with soccer brilliance one of the great goals of team Germany’s long history.



That’s what everyone is celebrating, right?


The assist?