#15 // Silva → Quaresma Portugal 1 – 0 Iran


This will be a short post.

For a short pass.

Because, when you see a backheel like that, you need only to watch.

And say no more.



Well, I’ll say a little more.

About this contentious final day of games for Group B.

About that world class shot from Quaresma, the trivela, bent with the outside of his foot around the diving, stretching arms of the keeper.

“The Quaresma,” it now needs to be called.



That goal brought Portugal into the Round of 16—after a series of last-minute scares from Iran.

And, I will assert now, if Portugal keep getting that kind of play from these two, with Cristiano Ronaldo drawing attention from the left side of the pitch…




They might make a run at this whole thing.

They play Uruguay next, on June 30th. All or nothing.

Winner goes to the quarterfinal.



We might just get a Messi vs. Ronaldo.

Fingers crossed.