South Korea Germany World Cup Goal Assist Group 2-0 Sweden

#17 // Ju → SonSouth Korea 2 – 0 Germany

No one knows how this happened.

But South Korea just won 2-0.

And Germany, the defending champs—are out of the World Cup.




It started off baffling, this tournament, with Germany’s 1-0 loss to Mexico.

Then, their comeback win against Sweden in the final seconds.

Now, today…  ?????


World Cup 2018 Russia 2-0


It’s the final game of the group stage, the four teams of Group F playing simultaneously.

All four still alive. A chance at the Round of 16 on the line.

The situation:

(1) it’s the closing minutes of both games, (2) Mexico is down 3-0 to Sweden, (3) they need South Korea to beat or tie Germany, (4) a few minutes ago, Germany has somehow gone down 1-0.

We’ve got one of the all-time great spoilers on our hands, and Mexico is going wild.



Manuel Neuer is out of the goal and playing all the way downfield. Ju Se-Jong steals his wallet. Hardly looks up at all, and blasts the ball as hard as he can the other way.

Over the midfield line, bouncing just outside the box.

Six bounces, and Son Heung-Min tracks it down in a full sprint. Almost to the endline.

An easy pass into the net, and it’s 2-0.



Germany is out.

The winners are out, too, but with one of the great highlights in Korean sports history.



And this image, burned into the minds of Koreans and Germans everywhere:


World Cup 2018


Koreans rejoicing and Germans doing the Manuel Neuer—out of position, grimacing, robbed, watching the thing you wanted fly quickly away, rocketing over an entire field until it was just about out of sight.


Goodbye, Germany.