Portugal Uruguay 2018 World Cup Give and Go One-two Assist

#18 // Suárez → Cavani Uruguay 1 – 0 Portugal

The first game of the Round of 16.

Six minutes in.

And one of the greatest give-and-go combinations you’ll ever see.




The casual soccer fan hardly knows where Uruguay is, or how they can manage the kind of talent needed for a World Cup, with a population about like Iowa.

But they know Suarez. And they know Cavani.

And they wonder:

Can it be as simple as, you know, those two linking up and scoring goals?



Turns out, well, pretty much.

Like the two older kids on the playground, somehow picked for the same kickball team.

Cavani. To Suarez. To Cavani. And in.



1-0 Uruguay, in a game that ended 2-1 with a second goal from Cavani.

The year that Ronaldo and Messi could’ve met in the quarterfinals, had both Portugal and Argentina won.

But today, Ronaldo is eliminated.

Later in the evening, Messi too.

It’s a shame. A big shame.

That we won’t get to see those two play, unless they’re around for 2022.

A shame they didn’t listen, too.

To the guys over at MXC—uttering life’s most important advice:




Don’t! Get! Eliminated!