Denmark Croatia Round of 16 Penalties Modric Pass Assist

#19 Modrić → Rebić Croatia vs. Denmark

Maybe the greatest pass of the 2018 World Cup.

Croatia. Denmark. Round of 16. Extra time. 114th minute.

visionary ball slotted through the gap from Luka Modrić.

A sure goal on the way from Ante Rebić.

And then, that foul. An (outrageously) absent red card.

A missed penalty.

And the assist that wasn’t.




Update to the Luka Modrić story:

In December he won the Ballon d’Or…

The first time since 2007 the award didn’t go to either Messi or Ronaldo.

It makes very little sense (Messi finished fifth), until you consider:

Might the committee have sat around for weeks, watching nothing but this pass?



The only imperfection was what followed:

Modrić stepping up for the penalty, and coming up short.



The game stayed tied.

Then all ended well for Croatia, winning in penalty kicks.

Moving on to the World Cup quarterfinals.

But, man.

Imagine if Jørgensen had stayed on his feet.

Rebić had scored.

And Modrić had gone down in history…

With an assist like that.