#21 // Lingard → Alli England 2 – 0 Sweden

England, the island of soccer irrationality.

Losing dismally every time this World Cup thing comes around.

While thinking, somehow, this time will be different.

Football mental—or might they be onto something here?




The new England.

No more of the Gerrards, the Rooneys, the Lampards or the Terrys.

A young England side, with names not yet as householded as the last.

Trippier to Lingard to Alli.



Are these the guys, to make football coming home?



If they are, well, maybe they are?

They just sent a terrific Sweden team packing.

A gorgeous first-touch cross from Lingard, curling over the defense.

And on to the semi-final, in the easiest bracket they could ask for.

Croatia waiting next.



About time this island of soccer irrationality cues up the music…


Three Lions on a shirt…

Jules Rimet still gleaming

Thirty years of hurt…

Never stopped me dreaming.