4-1 France wins pass hernandez assist shot kylian

#23 // Hernández → Mbappé France 4 – 1 Croatia

At first glance, more of a goal highlight than an assist.

And maybe so.

Kylian Mbappé—the first 19-year-old to score in a World Cup final since Pelé.

But it’s the last assist of this whole thing.

And, on second glance, one of the very best.




It was the dagger, as they say—France up 4-1, the World Cup coming to an end.

Lucas Hernández with the ball at midfield, feinting, turning, dashing down the sideline with a step-over, keeping his balance, and then a cross to their young superstar.

Kylian Mbappé, left open in the middle of the field.

A touch to control, a touch to set up.

And past a diving keeper and lazy leg up in defense from Vida…

Well, you can see in the video.

beautiful goal.



And a beautiful tournament, for France and for soccer.

Germany eliminated in the groups.

England, finally, with a chance.

Belgium and Croatia into the semi-finals.

And a dominant France team, winning all but one of their seven games outright.

Outscoring the opposition by 14-6 in all.



It’s been twenty years, almost to the day, since Didier Deschamps and the ’98 team beat Brazil 3-0 in the final at the Stade de France.

And just nineteen years since their new superstar was born.




And so, with that pass, that shot—it’s over.

France the best in all the world.

The World Cup, this month of soccer, this snapshot into a teenager dominating the biggest game on the planet.



He’ll be 23 next time. And then 27. And 31. And 35.

He might just be able to play in five of these things.


And with Lucas Hernández, just 22 himself.

Mbappé should make sure he sticks around.

More of that goal, that win.



More, more importantly, of that assist!



So, that’s all, folks—four years until another World Cup.

Congrats to les bleus,

And hello to the blues….