August 12 2018, Orlando City, Slide Tackle, Header

#25 // Rooney → Acosta D.C. United 3 – 2 Orlando City

Having found out that Andrés Iniesta (34), David Villa (36) and Lukas Podolski (33) migrated to Japan, it still comes with surprise to learn that Wayne Rooney (32) has changed his whereabouts, too:

Washington, D.C., USA.

With even more surprise, something else was discovered:

That he can still perform a wonder




Tie game. 96th minute. Less than a month after his debut.

The ball springs out of the box after the corner, with an open net in the distance.

Orlando City tracking it down.

Wayne Rooney sprinting after it.

A slide tackle. A leap up. A few touches.

And the assist of all MLS assists.

I mean, just look at the retweet count here: does it get any bigger?



He muscles the ball back into possession. Brings it downfield.

And then—a cross 50 yards in the air, curling onto the head of Luciano Acosta.

For his third goal of the game. A hat trick. A winner.

D.C. United goes ahead 3-2, and the final whistle blows.

Here it is, from another angle:



It’s like the British Invasion all over again.

Not the 1776 or 1812 ones.

The 1964 one. Ed Sullivan show.

Wayne Rooney, with a mop top and a guitar.

Bobbing his head. Playing the hits.

Pretending that he’s not 32 years old.

Or past the hill. Over the prime.

But still, even now, a star.


And the face of soccer in America.