UEFA Champions League October 2018 2-0 4-2

#27 // Coutinho → Rakitić Barcelona 2 – 0 Tottenham

Today’s was a kind of triple-assist.

Messi with a perfect ball over the top.

Suárez with the attempted chest-assist.

And Coutinho with the shot, spinning 360° in the air, recovering for the assist-assist.

Out to Ivan Rakitić. Scoring one of the best goals of the year.




They just keep reloading, this Barcelona team, the best combination players you’ll see.

No Neymar. No Iniesta. No Xavi.

But you get a Suárez, Rakitić, Coutinho, Dembélé.

And year after year, you get something like this.

Look at it again:



He shoots, it rebounds, he takes two quick steps, leaps in the air, spins, and knows exactly where the hole in the defense must be.

A bit of luck, a bit of genius.

And he scored, too, in the second minute of the game.



Unreal stuff, in this second game of the Champions League season, Group B.

Wembley Stadium.

A night when the whole team was on.

In the second half, Messi hit the post twice. Then scored two goals.


And Barcelona wins it, 4-2.