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#29 // Iniesta → Podolski Vissel Kobe 1 – 0 Nagoya Grampus

What exactly is going on over in Japan?

Iniesta linking up with Podolski, doing the soccer equivalent of an alley-oop:

Scoop-lifting the ball up over the defense and Podolski attacking it like a Shaolin Soccer sequence, floating through the air with a move invented on the spot.

What was that!?




And you know, it’s fitting, these two playing in Kobe.

Pulling off this kind of tandem stunt, in Kobe.

Netting a highlight-reel goal, in Kobe.

Because, when you score a goal like that, you know what to shout:



When you play in Japan, a league weaker than what they’ve known, you get to mix things up. You bust out the video-game hijinks, the tricks that had never been allowed out of the sleeve.

In Japan, when you’re Iniesta and Podolski, you get permission to let loose.

And do the mess around.



Make sure to see the previous installment, by the way.

Before Iniesta to Podolski: Podolski to Iniesta.

Three months earlier, going the other way around.

When these two first teamed up, strangely, in faraway Japan.

And showed they might just still have it.


#24 // Podolski → Iniesta Vissel Kobe 1 – 0 Júbilo Iwata


With all that said, just one question…

Why is Vissel Kobe in 10th place?