Manchester United Man U 2018 November Champions League 1-0

#30 // Bonucci → Ronaldo Juventus 1 – 0 Manchester United

New team, new league, new country.

Playing his old team, from the old league, the old country.

Cristiano Ronaldo, scoring a wonder goal—against the team that made him famous.

A one-touch finish on a ball sent in 50 yards behind, from one Leonardo Bonucci.




Every star player needs a signature goal in the first few weeks with a new team—as if to certify the transfer, to make sure in the soccer public’s minds that the move is, indeed, set in stone.

That the old days are over, a change of scenery has taken place.

Today’s was the one that announced: he won’t be back to Madrid anytime soon.

He is most definitely with Juventus—and the newest king of Italy.


But every king has a chamberlain, no?

A steward, an aide-de-camp.

An assistant.



Leonardo Bonucci, Juventus centerback, setting up Ronaldo with the best ball he’ll get all year.

Looking forward, sizing up the defense, careful not to give anything away, and then…

That pass.



^^As our friend tells us, it’s not the first time he’s done it.

About a month earlier, there was this—a carbon copy long ball to Dybala:




And at the Euro tournament in 2016, against Belgium, there was this—to Giaccherini.



So, while today’s goal pays an homage to the past…

Consider it a kind of premonition.

Revealing the future, at least for the season or two before these guys get too old.

Bonucci to Ronaldo.

From midfield, over the defense, and into the net.


Again and again and again.