#31 // Witsel → Alcácer Dortmund 3 – 2 Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich have won six straight Bundesliga titles.

That’s gotta change eventually, right?




Tie game. 73rd minute. Dortmund ahead of Munich by four points in the table.

And Axel Witsel receives a backheel pass in stride, takes one touch into space, and threads the winner through to Paco Alcácer.



A brilliant pass on the field, even better in context.

Dortmund now seven points up on Bayern, four points clear over the rest of the league.



Great finish, great pass.

Not unlike the James assist from the World Cup, setting up Cuadrado.


#14 // Rodriguez → Cuadrado Colombia 3 – 0 Poland


So—maybe this game will just be enough, to let Dortmund stay kings of the kill.

Because it can’t be Bayern winning the Bundesliga again, can it?




They play again on April 6.