Pass Assist Goal 44 passes 42

#32 // Bernardo Silva→ Gündoğan Manchester City 3 – 1 Man. United

Look at Nemanja Matić.

See him there? Number 31.

Caught sleeping, as an assist flies under his nose.




Bernardo to Gündoğan, and the man in a position to stop it just… stands there.

May as well have taken a seat.

On autopilot, when he needed to stay alert.

Or in other words, you could call that goal sequence…




Also, worth noting—very much worth noting:

The clip just shows the end, but Man City completed 44 straight passes before the goal.

44 passes. 44!?



It’s a new low for United, in this derby match series.

They could lose, respectably, but 44 passes?



Man City should make this their bragging rights moment.

The number to drive home, as a reminder of who’s now the best.

Buy out the How Ridiculous guys’ inventory, just for this.





And in case you’d like to see it, here it is—the masterpiece:




The score stayed 3-1, with City winning it.


Officially, and for several years now, the kings of Manchester.