#33 // Kim → Hwang South Korea 1 – 0 Australia

Who gets it in their head, to try a pass like this?

Kim Min-jae to Hwang Ui-jo.

And a bit of sudden beauty, in this international friendly.




You don’t get to see that too often, the ball flying 90 yards in the air over the field.

Maybe at the end of a game, in desperation.

But not in the 21st minute. In a friendly match.

An audacious, perfect ball…

That brought out a great call, as always, on the Korean commentary (listen):



Translation (underneath):

In the editing process, a KakaoTalk sound popped up in the video…

But you don’t notice, with all your focus on Hwang Ui-jo…


A ball like that looks familiar, by the way—South Korea soccer déjà vu.

It’s like they were paying homage, to their greatest soccer moment since 2002.

From earlier this year, in the last game of their World Cup group.

When Ju Se-Jong sailed a long, long ball for the tap-in from Son Heung-min.

And they won it 2-0, shocking everyone—Germany eliminated from the whole thing.


#17 // Ju → SonSouth Korea 2 – 0 Germany


Almost identical, except for the goalkeeper being home.


And so what do you do, when you score a goal like that?

You show love.

You give out the heart.

To the crowd, the TV audience, the team…

To the assist man, too.