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#36 // Ronaldo → Mandžukić Juventus 1 – 0 Valencia

Last time a Ronaldo post went up, he was the recipient.

This time, he’s the assist-giver.

A little stutter step, a move to his left, and—in a flash, a goal.




Nothing complex, at all.

But pure quickness, awareness, instinct.

And a level of athletic you don’t expect from a guy who’s almost 34.

Just look at how quick he still is.

Look at that!



The goal gave Juventus a 1-0 lead, which they held for the rest of the game.

Champions League, group stage. With Valencia, Manchester United, BSC Young Boys.

A result that guarantees them to go through into the knockout rounds.



With Real Madrid, Ronaldo won three straight Champions League finals.


Having taken his talents to Turin, could he make it four in a row?