november 2018 uefa wembley

#37 // Alli → Eriksen Tottenham 1 – 0 Inter Milan

Something about this assist is iconic.

Maybe not the best, if they were all to be ranked

But the touch, the turn, the lay-off…

And that boyish smile from Eriksen—soccer joy, in a moment.




Before Alli and Eriksen ever got into the play, check out the run from Sissoko.

Looks like the running of the bulls out there—a whole team of defenders retreating Sissoko-adjacent, wanting nothing to do with him.

And then, right when they do, he lays it off.

Dele Alli hanging in the open space above the penalty spot, taking the ball in with the inside of his right foot as he pirouettes around with his back to the goal, the play developing around him.

Then, without looking up at all, the masterful pass to Eriksen.



The game was at Wembley Stadium, so big has Tottenham gotten in recent years.

A must-win game, that they held onto 1-0 for the finish.

Tied with Inter Milan now at 7 points in Group B, behind a Barcelona team neither can catch.

And with one final game left in the group stage.



Whatever they do—win, lose or draw…

Give us another assist like this.

Because, you know, that was epic.