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#38 // Correa → Griezmann Atlético Madrid 2 – 0 Monaco

Here’s something you’ve never seen, straight out of the NBA:

The ankle-breaker assist.




Antoine Griezmann gets the ball in the attacking third, advances it quickly to Ángel Correa.

He brings it up, not quite enough space to go for goal.

Takes a few touches, and then, on a dime, he stops.

And before he even completes the move to the endline, Jemerson collapses.

Falling onto his “arse”, as a British commentator would say, five yards in front of the goal.



There needs to be a squad of rowdy streetball fans positioned around the sidelines for moments like these, poised to shout a mocking chorus of “Oooooohs!!!” whenever a player gets their ankles knocked out from under them, with a move like that from the striker.



Removing the soul from a defender…


About as spot on as anything I’ve heard.



Have another look at it, and the brilliance of Griezmann’s finish, too:



When a team like this plays a team like Monaco, these moments tend to find their way onto the field.

Class from Correa, class from Griezmann.


And so, after tonight’s game, we’ve got a new bit for the compilation videos: