november 29 2018

#39 // Fàbregas → Giroud Chelsea 2 – 0 PAOK Thessaloniki

A goal out of nowhere—the kind of thing you miss, with the game on in the morning, as you look down for a moment, lifting a bit of breakfast into your mouth.

But it was one you rewind things for. Again. Again. Again.

One of the best goals of the year.




Unreal vision from Fabregas, who saw the goal before Giroud gave any indication of making a run.

Timing, instincts, chemistry.

And some kind of brain that just isn’t normal.

A kind of pass, a kind of idea for a pass, that shouldn’t be possible!

Here it is from another angle:



Ten minutes after Giroud scored the first goal for Chelsea, he’s put in another.

The former Arsenal star, receiving a ball from the other former Arsenal star.

Doing an homage to a pair of other other Arsenal stars.

Its predecessor, the Robin Van Persie volley—on a ball in from Alex Song (2011):



Soccer at its finest—the kind of thing you don’t get to see, but for the few most elite players, in the few most elite leagues. Your local MLS team, sad to say, just doesn’t have it in them.

And, even sadder to say, you start to wonder how many more moments like this we’ll get from Cesc Fàbregas, now 31 years old. He’s in those winding down years, with the passing vision remaining but the legs starting to go.

You wonder how many more will be left.

But we got this one.



So remember it.