bundesliga highlight goal diagram

#41 // Piszczek → Alcácer Dortmund 2 – 0 Freiburg



The kind of assist that brings a smile to your face, every time.




Look at him, look at his face there—the Platonic ideal of joy on a soccer field.



It’s the kind of thing you show a team of school kids, if you’re a parent or coach.

Teamwork, passing, patience, and all the rest.

And to show them one more thing:

How important it is in life—for exuberant, ecstatic celebration.

The kind of goal you imagine this Dortmund team will reflect back on all season, laughing, re-celebrating, thinking more fondly about than almost any other.




It was significant, too, for another reason:

In a stat that’s becoming hard to believe, Paco Alcácer has his ninth goal off the bench this season, tied for the Bundesliga record.

Nine goals, off the bench!



He’s only played 281 minutes this season, and he’s already the league leader in goals overall.



You wonder if Dortmund’s management has lost their minds, not starting a guy like that.

But then you realize, maybe the magic comes from the substitution itself.

Like a water being transubstantiated into wine, some invisible cherubs from soccer heaven have descended onto the sidelines, awaiting Paco Alcácer’s entry into each game, blessing his boots with a bit of holy goal-scoring magic.

And if that may be the case, well—you don’t want to risk it.

You wouldn’t want to start him.

Because, when you’ve got the greatest substitute in history…


Don’t. Change. Anything.