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#42 // Hazard → Loftus-Cheek Chelsea 2 – 0 Fulham

This is like the videos you’ll see from the training ground:

A team playing 4v4, making little passes into spaces that didn’t look like spaces at all.

But this time, in a real game.

Hazard • Pedro • Loftus-Cheek • Hazard • Loftus-Cheek—and a goal.




It’s not quite clear how Eden Hazard does it.

As if he’s got some of that sand from the Prince of Persia games, a bit of magic that slows things down to about half-half-speed—turning a defense inside out.



He starts the play, cutting in from the wing and feeding Pedro, then darting ahead between two Fulham defenders, getting the ball back from Loftus-Cheek, and knowing exactly where it would go next. A touch, and then the pass across the way, splitting the last two defenders.

Making a goal out of nothing.



So today, at Stamford Bridge, the Eden Hazard show continues.

The latest episode, like each one before, linking up with whoever’s around him.


Highlights from the previous seasons: