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#43 // Van Dijk → Origi Liverpool 1 – 0 Everton

It’s not often that you make an assist and grimace, cursing at yourself while jogging back downfield.

If the word “assist” can be used here at all.

For this, the most stunning moment of the Premier League season.





I mean, wow!

Ugly goal. Ugly assist. Ugly, horrendously ugly play from Jordan Pickford.

But a beautiful, surreal moment for soccer history.

And one that might just decide the Premier League table, when it’s all over.



The greatest “assist” of all time, they’re calling it:



A sequence so good, so profound, that it’s inspiring religion in people:



The kind of goal that elicits a caliber of Dick Van Dyke jokes that no other could:



A goal that produced entire songs and taunts, hours after it happened:



A goal that made a manager lose his mind, storming onto the field:



A goal that couldn’t have happened, lest we forget…


Without its assist.


And Mr. Virgil van Dijk.