premier league 1-0 watford december 4 2018

#44 // Mahrez → Sané Manchester City 1 – 0 Watford

You have to love a goal that aligns with the broadcast camera angle like this.

Mahrez in the foreground, doing a step-over, a touch, and then that cross.

The ball’s path visible all the way.

Curling down onto the chest of Sané, and in.




Like Arjen Robben cutting in with his left from the wing and scoring…

This is the iconic Riyad Mahrez look:

Stepping over, making the defense off-balance, and then the in-swinger cross.



His first season with Man City, after coming over from his heroic four years at Leicester.

Things not yet at the level he’d had before, but starting to gel?



Tonight he had the assist, and a goal—

And City brought home three points they can’t afford to go without.