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#45 // Mitrović → Kamara Fulham 1 – 0 Leicester City

Sports commentary tends to use a lot of figurative language.

But when the TV guy says Söyüncü “Slides out of the game, there…”

He means it literally.




Nasty play all around, from the Fulham forwards.


(1) The behind-the-back flick assist from Mitrović.

(2) The turn by Kamara, sending Söyüncü into the shadow realm.



And (3) the shot—a nutmeg through the legs of Kasper Schmeichel.


But take another look at the assist…

It’s not every day you see a pass from this strange of a position:



Back turned, body contorted, even his head facing the opposite way.

And a nasty flick onward to space, leading Aboubakar Kamara to goal.

The kind of combination that should endear these players to the fanbase, if only they weren’t mired in the suffering part of it all, watching a probable relegation campaign in 2018-19.

Example—many tweets like this one:



And this:



Fulham are down in the relegation zone of the EPL table, threatening another demotion after just having returned to the Premier League this year.

But they’ve got Claudio Ranieri as manager…

Who may still have a bit of the Leicester magic in him?



Update (Jan. 15):



Not looking good.

In fact, looking pretty damn bad.



So take out your mat, lie down, strike a ‘warrior pose’…


And get ready for relegation.