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#47 // Guerreiro → Alcácer Dortmund 1 – 0 Werder Bremen

The free-kick variety of the assist tends not to be so notable.

A cross, a header, and in.

But this one had a trick.




It’s like in American football, when they send receivers in motion before the snap—working various deceptions at the line to unsettle the defense.

But you wouldn’t think it would work in soccer.

There’s only one way the ball can really go, without some back corner of the endzone to guard against. Or blockers, setting up for an option or screen pass.

There’s just the spot of the ball, and a cross coming into the box.

So when Raphaël Guerreiro makes his little decoy run, then the sly walk-up…

You think:

How the hell did that work?



This, most definitely, was one of the most viewed and talked about assists of the year.

Something people hadn’t seen—catching the eyes of casual fans everywhere.

1.1  million views on YouTube.

And just look at the RT’s and likes count below, on this tweet:



A new innovation was documented tonight.

Call it The Guerreiro—after the pesky little 5’7″ Portuguese midfielder from France.

And as Dortmund continue their run at the top of the Bundesliga table, and Paco Alcácer with his unlikely summiting of the league scoring chart…


This is one of the ones that’ll be remembered.