#48 // Messi → Suárez Barcelona 1 – 0 Levante

Look at that. Look at that!

He’s got eyes in the back of his head, Leo Messi.

Or, as they’d say in Spain, in Argentina:

Tiene ojos en la nuca…




Either that, or he’s got some sort of electronic homing device under his shirt, buzzing in the exact direction of Luis Suárez.

Because a pass like that just shouldn’t be happening.

It has no business being made, no business being thought up at all.

But it was. 1-0 Barcelona.



A magic goal for Barça, and Messi turns the soccer world into the two-word repeating chorus of cliche that happens every time he takes the field:

“The greatest!!”



And on a night like tonight, it was only the opening salvo.

With symmetrical beauty, the rest of the 90 minutes went like this:



Three goals, two assists—with the opening one to Suárez the highlight of them all.

A new add to their highlight reel.

Into the transcendent timeline of the Messi to Suárez Assist.