december 18 2018 penalties 1-1

#49 // Ndidi → Albrighton Leicester City 1 – 1 Manchester City

Kevin De Bruyne scored early for Man City, in this quarterfinal of the English League Cup.

The heavy favorites, with a 1-0 lead in the 73rd minute.

Until Wilfred Ndidi let one fly…

And Marc Albrighton tied it.




Three seasons after their miracle EPL championship, Leicester City are still hanging around.

Between 9th and 10th in the table most of the year.

Respectably keeping things intact after the departure of Riyad Mahrez.

But to beat Man City, to possibly win the League Cup?

If only Ndidi could play like this every time out…



It’s been a big year for the guy, starring in the World Cup for Nigeria.

Just missing out on advancing past Argentina for the Round of 16.

But back in Leicester, he’s been underperforming a bit.

With some hints of negativity from the fans.



But maybe, a pass like this is all it takes.

Rejuvenates the fanbase, puts Leicester more solidly in the top ten of the EPL table.



They didn’t win it today—losing in penalty kicks (3-1) as Man City moved on to the semis of this “Carabao” League Cup.

But they’ve got another fixture with City on Boxing Day, in eight days.

Where we can see if there’s anything to it:


The newfound Ndidi-Albrighton Connection.