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#50 // Kane → Alli Tottenham 2 – 0 Arsenal

A bonus North London derby this year.

Arsenal and Tottenham, matched up in the quarterfinals of the League Cup.

And a gem at midfield, from Harry Kane.




A pass back to the keeper, a clearance to midfield, onto the chest of Harry Kane—knowing exactly where he’s going with it.

A touch on the ground as he controls it and turns, and then, looking up only as he’s mid-strike, the ball floated almost magnetically onto the feet of Dele Alli.

Finishing with the touch, the chip, the world class sangfroid.



Here’s another angle of it:



Later in the game, a fan threw a water bottle at Alli’s head…

And he responded, as you’d expect:

Like Mr. Sangfroid, once again.

“2-0,” he says with his hands. “Check the scoreboard.”



Harry Kane rushing over to diffuse things even more, both keeping things cool.

The faces of a Tottenham team that’s been growing in stature every year for a decade.

With a brand new stadium on the way, set to open in mid-March.



So—a vintage win today, for Spurs.

Alli with a beautiful assist to Son for the first goal…

And then Kane to Alli, almost identically, for the second.



Moving on to the semi-finals of the Carabao Cup.

Playing Chelsea, for a chance at the final:


January 8th at Wembley.

January 24th at Stamford Bridge.