#51 // Özil → Kolašinac → Aubameyang Arsenal 1 – 0 Burnley

This might be the pass of the year.

But isn’t, technically, an assist.

Özil (to Kolašinac) to Aubameyang.




It’s one of those ones that doesn’t quite make sense.

In the midfield, I could see it. With 50 yards of space to run onto, someone of Özil’s caliber might spot a weak point in the defense, thread the needle, open up a fast break for the striker.

But here? There’s no space!

The endline isn’t far off at all—and yet he swings the pass right at it.



The defense was well set up.

No glaring holes, no man left unmarked.

But through that supernatural sixth sense of his…

Özil finds the breakthrough.

So good was this pass, that it earned itself a Twitter moment.



"brendan donley" assist ozil aubameyang kolasinac pass vision arsenal burnley 2018


All day, people were talking about this picture, Kolašinac not yet even in frame.

He’s still a good 30 yards from goal, making his run, the defenders set up in a row blocking every angle (it seems) that there is—and yet Özil sees him.



At another angle, well, he probably could’ve seen him.



Fair point.

But to even think up this pass?

To get it through the gap, to whip enough spin onto it that it would stay inbounds…

Unreal, from the great Mesut Özil.

Amazing ball, and then Arsenal’s finishing touch:

The flick-assist from Kolašinac for Aubameyang.



It wasn’t the first time, either, that this group combined for a bit of magic this year.

Here’s the other:


#28 // Özil → Aubameyang Arsenal 3 – 1 Leicester City



EmeryBall starting to flash its tailfeathers…

The colorful plumage of a team not yet sure just how high it can take flight.


As the soccer universe, too, wonders the very same thing.