2018 December 26 "brendan donley" soccer diagram "big inning" soccer blog

#52 // Vardy → Albrighton Leicester City 1 – 1 Manchester City

Marc Albrighton’s second goal in a week.

Leicester vs. Man City—again.

Tying the game, again.

But, as always, look at the assist…




Pushing the ball up the wing, Vardy leads a 2v3 break, quickly becoming 2v5—as the window starts to close and the Man City defense rushes back to cover.

Just at the last second, he smashes the window back open.

And delivers a cross that was “C’est magnifique!”—they’re saying on the broadcast.



Albrighton made the great in-and-out run, as Vardy slowed up with the ball on the wing.

Freezing Fabian Delph in place for just long enough, while the cross came in…

To drive a sly header home off the grass.



Back-to-back losses for Man City.

On Boxing Day—a belated little Christmas gift for Leicester, Liverpool, and the entire EPL.

As this vaunted Man City team shows, for the second straight week, that they’re beatable.

Sinking to third place in the table, seven points behind Liverpool…

And, after today, even a spot behind Tottenham.



Santa Claus is real, Liverpool.


And his name is Jamie Vardy.