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#53 // Doherty → Costa Wolverhampton 3 – 1 Tottenham

Right when Tottenham was starting to make a run.

Second place in the table, even passing Manchester City by a point…

They got Wolved.




As of 73 minutes into this game, Tottenham was leading 1-0.

15 minutes later, this happened.

Down 3-1!

Can’t quite believe it, seeing a collapse take shape so suddenly.



After the first goal, there were lines like this, on the broadcast:

“Tottenham really are on top of their form, at the end of 2018!”


And this:

“Keep playing football like this, it could be the most memorable of years…”


And then, the three goals. In 15 minutes.

With Spurs back to their Spurs ways—good, but not good enough.



So a bad day at Wembley Stadium, for the home crowd.

A chance at a title, and then in a flash—back to the probably not.

But at least one guy had a great day.



Congrats to you, Mr. Stuart Hill.

And thank you, too—for bringing a new phrase to my attention:



In Wolverhampton, they’re happy as larry.

After this great assist by Matt Doherty, breaking down the defense.

Then the finish by Hélder Costa, and a resounding 3-1 win.


And as Tottenham, closing their 2018 with a dud…

Got Wolved.