#56 // Sánchez → Rashford Manchester United 2 – 0 Newcastle

If you ever want to know how to run a fast break:

Get yourself a Lukaku.

A Rashford.

And an Alexis Sánchez, to string the whole thing together.




Since Ole Solskjær took over two weeks ago, United have been, well united.

The win streak, the confidence, the free-flowing play—having cut loose the Jose-Mourinho-sized albatross around their necks.

It’s like that scene in Glory Road, where the players finally bust out…

And play “their game”:




Among the reactions to the Solskjær era, they’ve been strong, positive…

And they’ve come in two forms:

(A) The measured, the professional, the blue-checkmark:



And (B) the stream-of-apeshit-consciousness:



And maybe (C) there’s a third, the preferred one.

The group one.

The sing-song one:



Watching this fast break down the field, Lukaku drawing two defenders…

The pass to Sánchez, and the turn, the vision, the precise assist to Rashford.

It makes you want to sing, too.

Or something.


Or pledge allegiance, to this magician of the EPL:


Ole Gunnar Solskjær.