"brendan donley" "the assist"

#57 // Stanislas → Fraser Bournemouth 3 – 3 Watford

You have, at some point, seen a dummy.

But a triple-dummy?




They all deserve a slice of the assist pie for that, this dummy threesome.

Like a synchronized swimming act, a ballet—one, and then the next, and the next.

But on the scoresheet, only Junior Stanislas credited with the assist.

From way out on the wing, to the top of the penalty area.

Crossing a ball he couldn’t, rationally, have hoped would ever make it all the way to Ryan Fraser.



In context, this was among the wildest goals of the year.

Down 2-0, over the course of 15 minutes Bournemouth tied the game, then went back down by a goal, and then a minute later came this one—out of nowhere, with one quick pass down the sideline to space, a touch, and then the dummy contagion that spread from one, to two, to three.

Ending with Ryan Fraser, sending the ball into the net.

Tie game—once again.



A frenetic burst of offense, a pair of defenses on sabbatical—and then…

There was nothing.


3-3 at halftime.

And 3-3, still, at game’s end.



We’ve got ourselves the game of 2019 (so far).

Two days into the year.

And I’ll reckon it’ll take another whole year, at least, before you see another feat like today’s:


The triple-dummy assist.


Stanislas to [feint] to [feint] to [feint] to Fraser.




It has been done before—Serbia’s U17 team, 2012.