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#58 // Robertson → Firmino Liverpool 1 – 1 Manchester City

It’s 2019, and suddenly Liverpool are in command of the EPL table.

But playing at the Etihad. Down a goal.

And then, this.




Alexander-Arnold with the long cross into the box—Robertson gets there, puts a boot on it.

Sending a perfect ball across the mouth of the goal, waist-high…

And Firmino dives ahead to put it home.



It’s been a trying time for Liverpool, this past decade or so.

Out of the top four spots, more seasons than not.

But this year, after a pair of Man City losses, they’ve got a shot.

Up seven points in the EPL table.

Surpassing City in the standings about the exact week they’re set to play.


Take a look at Jürgen Klopp, two days ago:



He’s the epitome of cool.

A little manic, maybe. A little weird.

But cool.

And a walking, sprinting meme—when he ran onto the field after the Everton derby:

“A blur of Schadenfreude and farcically white teeth,” said the Men in Blazers.



The perfect man to lead Liverpool back to where they belong.

And so today, their biggest game of the season, down a goal…

He kept their minds right.

Andy Robertson making a career assist look easy, as they tied things up—in a game that could’ve gotten away from them.

After what happened in the first half…

Suffering an anti-miracle on the goal line:



But with Klopp, Mané, Salah, Alexander-Arnold and the Robertson-Firmino combination…

They came back, if only for a few minutes.

But they did.

Losing 2-1 in the end, but with a lead in the table still intact.



This was the last time they’ll play, this season.

Four more months, a four point lead over City.


We’ll wait and see, if they can hang on.