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#61 // Sané → Jesus Manchester City 7 – 0 Burton Albion

Quite the way to produce the seventh goal of a game.

The chest trap, the touch, the intentional nutmeg.

A blessed sequence that might just punch his ticket to heaven:

A nutmeg of the adversary, and an assist to Jesus…




It’s the first leg of the Carabao Cup semi-final.

Manchester City paired up against a League One (third-tier) team.

Winning 6-0.

And then, Mahrez to Sané—and a gorgeous no-look assist through the legs.



You feel bad for this Burton team, you really do.

To get to a stage like this, the semi-final round of this Carabao Cup…

Beating Aston Villa, Burnley, Nottingham Forest, Middlesbrough—and now against Man City.

But I have to say, when Leroy Sané has the ball in front of you…

You don’t go taking the widest stance you can take.



Evidently, the defender’s got a little too much Dennis Reynolds in his ear:



So lesson learned, for every team in English soccer:

Don’t go taking a wide stance, against Manchester City.

Or against any team, for that matter.

Unless—and maybe this was John Brayford’s motivation all along…


You’d like to do this site a favor, and add a wonderful new piece to the collection.


With a picturesque iteration of the assist.