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#63 // Luiz → Pedro Chelsea 1 – 0 Newcastle

Bonafide assist of the year candidate here.

If that seems hyperbolic, well—as Mr. Bruno Mars has said:

“Don’t believe me? Just watch.”




David Luiz gets the ball 10 yards behind the midfield line, taking a touch as the Newcastle defense jogs into place as if the moment were entirely casual.

And then, the ball is in the air.

Then it’s at Pedro’s feet. Then it’s in the net.

Good. Great. Fantastic. Highlight-worthy.


But what makes it next-level is this:



He must’ve been watching some NFL this season, you start to think.



Or maybe, instead, working a kitchen in Bangladesh, in India—wherever it is that this genius performs this mastery of the no-look tortilla flip.



In any case, a wonder assist from David Luiz.


The kind every soccer fan should stop and appreciate—regardless of rooting interest.

The kind that makes you wonder if you’ve seen anything like it all year.

The kind that might help make up for that pain, that still must linger in the man.

The pain of 2014. July 8. Belo Horizonte.

Germany 7. And Brazil 1.



He’s come a long way, since then.


And tonight, he made the people smile indeed.