#64 // Lo Celso → Canales Real Betis 1 – 1 Real Madrid

A nifty little La Liga through ball, and a tie game with Real Madrid.

Giovani Lo Celso to Sergio Canales.

Have a look:




Real Madrid are still on their fall apart tour for the 2018-19 season…

And they almost gave this one away, too.

67th minute. A throw-in for Real Betis.

The ball makes its way to Lo Celso, a center-back charges, and he threads the needle.



He’s 22, Lo Celso, Argentinian.

Playing with Betis on loan from PSG.


Well, after a pass like this, and all the others he’s made this year…

They might want to triple-check the paperwork.

Make sure they still have the rights to him, for next year.

Because a guy like this should not get away.



Just imagine it:


Lo Celso with the ball in midfield.

Mbappé ahead to the right.

And Neymar to the left.


Soccer at its very best.