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#65 // Pogba → Rashford Manchester United 1 – 0 Tottenham

Like storm clouds dissipating, a fog lifting, an infection healing…

Manchester United have been freed from the inhibiting bondage of José Mourinho.

And the Solskjær era rolls along with another gem.




In the midfield, Jesse Lingard intercepts a pass from his England teammate, Kieran Trippier, that was—how would the English put it?


He taps it to Pogba, Tottenham shifts sluggishly into defense, and…

In a moment, it’s off to the races.



Look at the weight Pogba put on it, almost without winding up his leg at all—in that way that only he can do.

Like how a pitcher will disguise a fastball and changeup with the same delivery, Pogba sends the ball 60 yards with about the same demeanor he’d have if he were passing it to a guy in the space right beside him.



He gets it, takes a touch—and through some sort of alchemy between his mind, his foot, the ball, the field, and Marcus Rashford…

Manchester United have themselves the lead, 1-0.



Two weeks ago, it was the other way around.

Rashford passing, Pogba finishing—and one of the assists of the year.


#54 // Rashford → Pogba Manchester United 1 – 0 Bournemouth


Today, Pogba to Rashford.

Tomorrow, another combination. And then another.

Because this team is tapping into something, and consistently so.


They’ve come alive again.