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#66 // Levitt → Greenwood Manchester United (U18) 1 – 0 Stoke City (U18)

It’s rare to see a player born in the 2000’s earning an assist like this.

Or a U18 team, making their way onto the site—beside Ronaldo, Bonucci, Messi, Pogba.

So congrats, Dylan Levitt:

You’re officially the first.




You’re not even sure where this footage comes from, where it’s being played, how good of prospects they are or what their names might be.

But you recognize a pass like that.

And this kid deserves some kudos.



He’s Welsh. Just turned 18 in November. Playing for the Man United U18 team alongside the rest of their top youth academy players.

Getting the ball here in midfield, against the Stoke City U18s, controlling it out of the air, taking a touch, and then—off and away, cutting through the defense to the feet of the biggest youth star United’s had in years:

Mason Greenwood, for the goal.



You assume, in watching this U18s footage, that it may just be a random group of prospects, with nothing of notable consequence going on.

And that the scoring combination that just occurred was great, the pass and the finish, but two names you won’t end up remembering, years later.

If you can find the names at all.

But then, you check the website, and put looks and numbers to names.

Introducing you to Dylan Levitt. And Mason Greenwood.


Two stars in the making?



A little more digging, and it turns out Greenwood already has a bit of renown.

Hundreds of tweets about his ability, his progress—and with 30,000 followers.

He’s 17. Fans are comparing him to Robin Van Persie.

They’re talking about a top level call-up.

And just look—they’ve already got the highlight compilations going:



So, right when Jose Mourinho departs, things are shining bright for this team.

Yesterday, with the top team, Pogba assisted Rashford with one of the best passes this year.

And, from the footage here—the U18s seem to have gotten the memo, too.



Might, you know, those two things come together?

Mason Greenwood. And the real Premier League.



And maybe Dylan Levitt, too—in a few years.

With less attention so far, but it’s building.

And with his passes sprinkled serving Greenwood throughout the highlight videos…

You have to envision a pretty bright future, for these two.


Maybe sooner rather than later:



So take note, Mason and Dylan:

Your life might soon become like the POV protagonist in that famous Nike ad—going from the small time to the big time, in almost no time at all.