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#69 // Alaba→ Goretzka Bayern Munich 2 – 0 Hoffenheim

Moments before the first half was over…

A six-man fast break from Bayern Munich.




In the Bundesliga this week, it’s out with the Winterpause, in with the Rückrunde.

The warm weather training holiday has ended.

And the season’s second half has begun.



Bayern have been down a bit this year, almost double digits behind at times in the table.

But they’ve won it six straight years.

Starting off the season’s second half hungry—trying to get back into it.



They break up the corner kick. Take back possession.

Sending nearly the entire team downfield in a last-second rush for a goal.

6v5, and before Hoffenheim can get numbers back, David Alaba send a pre-emptive ball across from the wing, hoping like a Hail Mary pass that some teammate will be there to receive it.

It cuts behind the defense, in front of the keeper…

And Goretzka is there, Lewandowski free behind him.

He slides, hits it on the first touch, and it’s in.

2-0 Bayern Munich.



Just as they’d drawn it up, as they say, straight from the training ground.



Dortmund won their game, too—so a six-point gap in the table still remains.

Half a season to go, and a two-team race on our hands.


So, for Bayern to pull this thing out, they might some special trick.

To do something new, to shake things up in their favor.



So, with that in mind, an idea:


Look over at Dortmund’s uniform. See the Puma logo.

Look down at your own uniform. See the Adidas.


And channel the pride, the magic… of the three stripesthe tri poloski.

To summon from this your new theme song.

And your seventh straight Bundesliga title.