"January 19" 2019 wolves extra time

#71 // Neves → Jota Wolverhampton 3 – 2 Leicester City

One of the best games of the Premier League season.

And the highlight of Rúben Neves’ career.




Wolves would be ahead of Leicester City in the table with a win today.

And so, they came out playing hard.

Rúben Neves, the 21-year-old Portuguese midfielder, leading the way.



Third minute of the game, Neves finds the ball at the top of the box.

And fires a beautiful strike at goal, just saved by the fingertips of Kasper Schmeichel.



Wolverhampton scored, a minute later—beginning a wild string of goals from both them and Leicester City, that might just amount to the best EPL game we’ll see in 2018-19.



So in the 64th minute, Leicester having just tied the game, we come to the assist.

The ball cleared out of the box with a header, to the feet of Neves. He takes a touch, a few touches, and then—that ball. 

Half the length of the field, struck with perfection for Diogo Jota…

And a moment later, it’s in.

3-2 Wolves ahead of Leicester.



But then, as if that wasn’t enough of a game, Leicester ties it 3-3 in the 87th minute.

And in the final minute of stoppage time…

A pass maybe even more brilliant than the first.


Not technically the assist, but the pre-assist, the ante-assist.

And from who else—but Rúben Neves?



A goal out of nowhere.

Neves. To Jiménez. To (once again) Diogo Jota, for the hat trick.

Unbelievable pass, unbelievable game.


And a performance from a defensive-midfielder like I haven’t seen in a while.

Because when you can make the opposing manager do this, you’ve done something special.



And so, after today, we might just have a Leonardo Bonucci on our hands, in the EPL.

King of the long-ball assist—in a way the league hasn’t had since Xabi Alonso.

Rúben Neves, who you can’t imagine will stay with Wolves for long.



And all of this today is fitting, considering the meaning of the man’s name.



Soccer balls falling out of the sky like snowflakes, to the feet of Diogo Jota.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…