#72 // Rondón → Pérez Newcastle 3 – 0 Cardiff City

The Ronaldo-esque triple stepover—Salomón Rondón for the assist.

But in this game, he did something more.




There was that, but earlier in the game there was this.

The real assist that game, from Rondón:



World-class sportsmanship, knocking the ball out of bounds seeing Joe Bennett go down after the hit to the face—the kind of thing Rondón is becoming known for.

Remember this one, too?



Sometimes superheroes don’t wear capes—they wear stripes.

And play at St. James’ Park. In Newcastle upon Tyne.

Helping their opponents avoid injury, with a courtesy that’s unparalleled.


Sometimes they lead their team out of the relegation zone.

Two points ahead of Cardiff now, after winning 3-0 today.

They baffle the defense, and send a hard cross in front of goal.

Producing a brilliant assist for Ayoze Pérez.


And sometimes their name is:


Salomón Rondón.