#76 // Agüero to Sané Manchester City 3 - 0 Huddersfield Town

It’s a good day, finding an assist of a variety you haven’t seen before.

And so, a new one:

The cushion-header assist—from Sergio Agüero.




A faulty pass across the pitch from Huddersfield, Danilo charges and intercepts it—and with a brilliant bit of daring, lofts a first-touch ball ahead to Agüero at the edge of the box before the defense can re-establish their formation.

And in a split second, Agüero show his genius:

Without a moment to think, he feels the defender on his back, sizes up the pace of the ball in the air, judging that he won’t be able to turn to goal himself—and he cooks up this assist.



The subtle little cushion header, a gentle lay-off to Sané for the goal.

Not the kind of assist that’ll steal the headlines, but a great one.


Have another look, from this angle:




A clever little bit of Sunday football…

And a particular kind of assist you might not see for quite a while:

The lay-off + back pass + touch header.


The third and final goal of the day, with Man City winning it, 3-0.


Still back four points in the EPL table, half a season to go.