#79 // Harnik → Harnik Werder Bremen 2 – 1 Eintracht Frankfurt

Is it possible to score a goal and its assist?

Martin Harnik… this was masterful.




When you score a goal like that, the touch around the keeper, the finish…

You run to the sideline and into your celebration move, lyrics on your mind:


I’m passing with myself… oh-oh!



Harnik gets the ball in stride between the last two Eintracht defenders, and in a moment comes up with this bit of world-class savvy:

The touch with a little English on it, scrambling to get back to it—and in.

The actual assist wasn’t bad, either, from Max Kruse:




So who would’ve thought, that an unsung 31-year-old Austrian playing on a mid-table team in the Bundesliga would have some ’02 Dennis Bergkamp in him?




The day may never come, when the judges award an official assist for such a play.

But in our hearts, our memories…

In our jaws that dropped to the floor, and then shot back up into a smile:

You were the assistance man of the day, Mr. Harnik.



Count it.

A tally for the goal. A tally for the assist.


And round of applause, for this virtuosic stroke of brilliance.