#80 // Norburn → Waterfall Shrewsbury Town 2 – 0 Wolverhampton

A piece of paper emerges, as Ollie Norburn sets up to take a corner kick.

Wind direction and weather info? A note from a lady friend?

An abridged, pocket-sized copy of Moby Dick?




He takes out this note, from his shorts, looks it over for a moment—as if he’s not on camera, as if he’s not doing something you’ve never really seen on a soccer field.

And then, he tucks it away.

And a moment later, Shrewsbury Town have gone up 2-0.



A perfect cross in from the corner, Luke Waterfall heads it in, and this Shrewsbury team at the bottom of England’s third division are sticking it to Wolverhampton, sitting at 8th in the EPL table.

If they hold on, they’ll move on to the 5th round of the FA Cup.

No second-leg match, just this.

And so, going up 2-0 in the 71st minute…

They’ve got it, right?


And if they do, this note will go into the club hall of fame—a paper excalibur, enchanted with the magic you’d need to knock off a top team in England.

It’s like that bit in Signs, when Joaquin Phoenix remembers “swing away!”

Or the mom in Rookie of the Year, telling Henry Rowengartner to “float it”.




He reads it, he takes its message to heart, he drives the ball, they score.

History, for this little team from Shropshire.



Shrewsbury manager joked about the note, but mentioned what it really was—a direction about changing shape tactically, unrelated to the corner or the goal.

But, yet, something about it worked. 

Taking Norburn’s mind away from the corner, perhaps, from the game. A reminder that someone’s got his back—that this team has a plan, and that a win here today might just be fate.

But then again, they took this 2-0 lead and lost it.



And in the stands, Wolves fans didn’t hesitate to rub that in.

Note to self: The FA Cup is not a family event!



So—what should’ve been a moment for the history annals, the look-back highlight reels…

Turned into one that might just be forgotten, no matter how amazing the goal.


But they didn’t lose, this Shrewsbury team.

2-2 in the end, after a last second header tied things for Wolves, from Matt Doherty.


They’ll play a “replay” match next, to determine this round of the FA Cup.

February 5th.


Bring your stationery, Shrewsbury Town.