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#82 // Arthur Melo → Rakitić Barcelona 2 – 0 Sevilla

You whip out your Catalan translator for this one.

And you think how they would say it there:

Increïble. Bonic. Esbalaïdor. Meravellós.




Home, at the Camp Nou.

Copa del Rey quarterfinals.

And one of the most Barcelona-esque assists you’ll see.



In this new era without Iniesta and Xavi, and without Neymar, too…

Barça have needed just one more of those passing-vision-telepathy geniuses, to make the whole thing come to a peak again.

Enter Arthur Melo?



A sudden, lightning-strike pass that you’d see only after it happened—a thread through a hole in the defense that no one in the stadium would’ve picked up on but Arthur, Rakitić, Messi.

The kind of thing Barcelona seems to have lying in wait at all times.



They’re teaching him well, this young Arthur Melo.

22 years old, over from Brazil last year. Little experience on the top stages, club or international.

And with a game like this, an assist like this one, well:

He’s been assimilated.

Barcelona’s latest midfield maestro.



Watching the replay, your mind does a phony little bit of simplifying:

Ah, okay, there’s the hole, he threads the pass… goal, assist, done. Got it.


But to see it then? 

On the field?


A world-class display of vision, and already that silent connection with Messi that Xavi, Iniesta and Jordi Alba have showcased over the years.



Just as Arthur takes a touch, looking up for a run from Suárez or Rakitić…

Messi drifts in toward the ball, just a few slight steps.

And with his presence, movement, reputation—he opens up that hole.

Arthur sees it just as it happens, and we’ve got our assist.



Tonight was the second leg of the home/away match-up in this Copa del Rey quarterfinal—Barça having lost 2-0 a week ago in Seville, with Lionel Messi resting on the bench.

He was back today.

And the whole team around him, returned to top form.


Doing this:



And this:




Barcelona winning it 6-1.



On to the semis.